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Data Management Services


Rank helps its clients in managing their data in efficient and with high quality at very economical prices. Rank has been engaged with Adstream to manage their spec Database in the advertising industry and has a proven track record of delivering on strict deadlines.


So, what can you expect us to do? Here’s what:

  • Cut down overhead costs

  • Introduce efficiency, productivity and profitability

  • Faster development, implementation, and execution.

  • Concentrate on the company’s core competencies.

  • Increase reliability and security.

Project Management Services


We are agile by heart and believe that it's a win-win for all the stakeholders if a project is executed in an agile way. We follow SCRUM and DSDM Techniques for our project management services and we follow the same for all software development projects. It gives 100% transparency to our customers with proper feedback flowing in for us. This also helps make the end product as expected for successful delivery. Here are some of the key characteristics of our agile methodology.

  • Delivery on timelines.

  • More iterations.

  • Fewer defects.

  • Collaborative approach.

  • Maximum ROI.

Trust Teamwork & Technology Leads to high performance, we belive it.

Team Rank


Business Analysis Services


Rank believes that the perfect analysis of business and process requirements leads to a successful project outcome. When clients come to Rank with a vague idea of what they want, our team helps them improvise their idea into a proper Requirement Specification Document. This not only helps us in executing the project in a proper manner with clarity on what the end-product will look like.
Yes, we shall help you redefine your requirements in a way which keeps the vision of your product ready for your end-customers.


Technology Consulting


We help you answer the most critical question of business — what technology to choose and why? Since we only work with Ruby on Rails, we know clearly what this technology is capable of, and hence give a very crisp and justified solution. We not only ensure the best use of the said technology with all the available open sources but can also speed up the delivery process.
Do you have an existing implementation of a technology platform based on Ruby on Rails? Our tech consultants can help you iron out the chinks and streamline it further!
Ad Services


Ad Services - Rank had been helping Adstream in managing their database of publishers sand publication advertising specs in print industry, Rank also helps in delivering advertising files (Indirect Delivery) to the respective client with a smaller response time.
Our consultants believe in solutions that enhance service delivery for our clients. This is also what drives us throughout, here at LiT Solutions, in all our consultancy assignments.


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