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SiteLock™ secures business websites from hack attempts and malware introduction

Hackers use complex code and strategies to break into your site, leading to angry customers, lost revenue and a damaged reputation.

While SSL certificates protect information passing to & from your website, SiteLock complements this by protecting your website from malicious threats. The service monitors your website 24x7 for attacks & vulnerabilities, identifies the threats, and then fixes them for you automatically! That’s not all... SiteLock also does Blacklist / Reputation monitoring with active monitoring of Search Engine & Spam Blacklists and your existing SSL certificate. 

SiteLock also offers a dynamic Trust Seal that displays a PASSED status with the date of the last scan, but ONLY if your website has successfully passed all Scans such as Networks scan, Application scan, SQL Injection scan, and Cross-Site Scripting scan, with more scan options available as per the plan selected. 

SiteLock protection adds to visitor trust in addition to the HTTPS connection offered by your existing SSL certificate. Visitors are assured that not only is their submitted data protected during transfer to your server through HTTPS, now even their information stored on your server will not be compromised by hackers.



Looking to add HTTPS support for your Blog or Website? 

Basic SSL Certificates support one Blog / Website per certificate

Basic SSL certificates are Domain Validated certificates which can be issued for only ONE website or subdomain (hostname). This certificate is useful if you have only one website setup on a domain name.

Google has officially announced that websites served via HTTPS (enabled via SSL certificates) will rank higher in search results. This is because users can be guaranteed that the site will encrypt their information for that extra level of security. It is pretty clear from data analysis that HTTPS sites have a ranking advantage over HTTP link so this switch will now benefit all companies, confidential information or not. According to Search Engine Land, Google said that based on their initial tests the HTTPS signal showed “positive results” in terms of relevancy and ranking in Google’s search results. That same article  predicted that this may change eventually, and Google may decide to strengthen the signal, or give more ranking benefit to HTTPS sites because they want to keep online users secure. It is still a light-weight signal so far and will not be replacing the need for quality content on websites.


Benefits of HTTPS SSL:- 

1.   SEO Advantages of switching to HTTPS

It is clear that HTTPS (via SSL certificate) offers security, however, there are also some additional SEO benefits for you to consider.

A.   Increased rankings.

Google has confirmed the slight ranking boost of HTTPS sites. The value of switching to HTTPS is very likely to increase over time.

B.   Referrer Data.

When traffic passes to an HTTPS site, the referrer information is preserved. This is unlike what happens when traffic passes through an HTTP site. Over HTTP it is stripped away and looks as though it is "direct".


2.   SSL Certificates enable Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications or Website push notifications work only via an HTTPS connection with the website. An HTTPS connection is possible only after a SSL certificate is installed for your website.

Once the website loads via HTTPS, then web push notifications will be shown based on web browser push notification capabilities. Currently web push notifications are supported on Chrome (version 42 and above) & Firefox (version 44 and above) on the desktop, and the latest Opera for Android. On mobiles, the technology is available only on Android OS on Chrome.

Once setup you can reach your audience on their browser at a time of your choosing and send interest-based & personalised communications. Use of Web Push notifications is a prerequisite to creating a Progressive Web App (PWA).


3.   SSL Certificates for Website Security & Privacy 

Does your website load with HTTPS SSL?

SSL certificates will help your website gain an advantage over your competition by certifying your website is more trusted & legitimate. SSL certificates ensure that sensitive data, like personal information, credit card details, etc. can be transmitted securely from web browsers to your servers. To assure this they also provide a warranty to your visitors which acts like insurance for tamper-proof online payments to you.

SSL certificates are NOT for ensuring that your website is safe from hacking. To prevent website hacking you will need a website scan tool such as Site Lock.


Extended Validation SSL Certificates

For the highest levels of security assurance, you can purchase branded Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates from LiT Solutions. These certificates can be used by registered companies or organisations on their websites and have a detailed verification process requiring the submission of documents. Current DV certificates cannot be upgraded to EV certificates. Extended Validation (EV) or Premium SSL certificate is where the Certificate Authority (CA) checks the right of the applicant to use a specific domain name PLUS it conducts a THOROUGH vetting of the organisation. The audits are repeated yearly to ensure the integrity of the issuance process. 

Only Extended Validation certificates display a GREEN bar with the organisation name in the web browser's address bar. It is much easier to imitate a site secured with a low-priced, Domain Validated, or DV, certificate -- because those are the certificates with the least verification and the least cost to the certificate authorities. An instance of phishing on a site means a huge amount of discomfort experienced by any affected customers. It can also mean a legal liability incident for the affected company or organization.

The green address bar lets customers know that they are on a site operated by your company and that it is safe to enter their information.


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